Curved Stairlifts

Considerations With Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are required on staircases which have one or more turn (see staircase examples below for more details). As with straight stairlifts you can purchase either new or reconditioned curved stair lifts.

When choosing to get brand new curved stairlifts fitted there are a number of considerations to take into account including the cost of getting the curved stairlift itself and the waiting time involved, as curved stair lifts need to be custom built to fit the stairs to which they are to be fitted. Many people are happy to get second hand or reconditioned curved stair lifts fitted as they are much cheaper than newer units and the installation period is usually much quicker. Of course, safety is of paramount importance where curved stair lifts are involved and at Stairlift Suppliers we make sure that all the stairlifts that you will find using our online service strictly adhere to British Safety Standards and come with a minimum of a 12 month guarantee.

Do you need a curved stairlift?

Curved stairlifts - Straight or Curved Stair Lifts - Staircase examples
Staircase examples for straight and curved stairlifts

If your staircase has a bend in it you are likely to require a curved stairlift. However, there are some situations where a straight stairlift can be installed onto a curved staircase:

1) If there is only a small turn in the staircase (See example B above) then it is sometimes possible to install a small folding wooden platform called a Bridging Platform. This allows the user to safely transfer from the stairlift to the landing without the need for a curved stairlift. This can present a considerable saving compared with curved stairlifts. Please note that a bridging platform is not suitable for users who are unsteady on their feet, have exceptionally poor mobility, or suffer with dizziness.

2) In some circumstances it is possible to install two straight stairlifts rather than a curved stairlift (see example F above). Allthough this is a cheaper option than curved stairlifts there are two important negatives that should be considered. Firstly, since there are two stairlifts there will be twice the risk of a breakdown and you will also require two warranties and additional servicing. Secondly, it requires the user to transfer between the two stairlifts which is not practical for everyone.

Why does the installation of curved stairlifts take so long?

Reconditioned Curved stairlift
A Reconditioned Curved Stairlift

Curved stairlifts can take more than 8 weeks from the initial survey to the installation. The reason for this is due to the curved rail having to be custom made to suit your stair case. However, reconditioned curved stair lifts can be much quicker to install and may only take 1-2 weeks, depending on the stairlift company. Please note that our suppliers can install new curved stairlifts within 2-4weeks and reconditioned curved stair lifts within 1-2weeks.

Are Curved Stairlifts reliable?

Modern curved stairlifts brought through approved suppliers are now extremely reliable, whether they are new stairlifts or reconditioned stair lifts.

Can you Rent Curved Stairlifts?

Unfortunately, due to the cost of manufacturing a custom made curved stairlift rail, curved stair lift rentals are not available.

Are curved Stairlifts expensive?

This simple answer is yes, although the prices have dropped considerably now due to increased competition within the industry. Our approved UK Stair Lifts Suppliers can install a reconditioned curved stairlift from as little as £2,900, and new curved stairlift prices start from just £4,000 - a considerable saving when compared with the cost often quoted by manufacturers (£5,000+).

Some Popular Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts (Minivator)
The Minivator 2000 curved stairlift
Curved stair lifts (Platinum)
The Platinum curved stairlift
Reconditioned Curved stairlifts
The BS101 reconditioned Curved stairlift
Reconditioned Curved stair lifts
Platinum reconditioned curved stairlift

Find An Approved Curved Stairlift Supplier

Stairlift Suppliers UK can help you to find the best deals from approved curved stairlift suppliers. All curved stairlifts supplied through our network come with a fully comprehensive warranty and 365-day emergency breakdown cover.

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